Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hola guys....

Im not here anymore...but 2 know more about me, juz go to
c yea.....hve a great day....

Saturday, February 14, 2009

ni hao!!!

guess what....this sem i learn the fun....i can learn more language and try to speak mndrin that it can improve my sad coz if in my class has a chinese stdnt, we can try to talk to each other.....

last friday, my college had a was very excted and fun....though i just take part in passing the ballon (and 2 were pomp!!heheh...sori lor..) but our grup got the 2nd no for overall.....hmmm...juz for fun, rite...but the importnt is i got the hard to get merit u time i'll post the pics......

Monday, February 2, 2009

so bored!!!

y im feelin so bored.although we juz started our lesson.but still not same as be4.then many have change.make me wonder.huhu.not wonder pet, the cartoon dat many,can somebdy tell me how to make my day so cheerful n hepi.plssss

Monday, January 19, 2009

hi buddy!!!!

well, im back again.too long not write here.miz so much....nothing special in this time.but im really glad that i still life n can stdy more.....hmmmm..thats all.i want go back n get smthing 4 lunch. chiao......

Friday, October 10, 2008


Raya is coming back!!i am very exciting to celebrate raya this year...this year, i celebrated of course with my family.before that, i was fasting with my friends without my family.very sad because i now study far away from my family, at is a little different cause every morning, i don't hear my mom screams to wake up me to sahur.just my alarm music heared..i bought the ticket early three days from my other friends because there are no more tickets.i was too late cause before that i went camping at kapas's sound interensting right? i don't feel guilty to back early cause i was finishing all my tests..after i reached at my hometown, i helped my mom to clean all my house and i asked her to buy a new curtain and a new sofa.although there are a few days leave but my mom my father still buy them for mom finished sew the curtain only in two days!i'm so proud with my youngest brother backed at night before raya.he and i lighted my house with the pelita.then, he had bought the firecrackers and made that night wonderful and cheerful.although i felt happy but i felt sad too cause my sister and my brother cannot back to raya with us.this year is their turn to celebrate raya with their husband and wife the raya morning, we performed the raya prayer together.after that we went to our neighbour houses and gather together to followed the baraan (all neighbours gather together and go each house to celebrate and ask the forgiveness)..after my sister and my brother came at third raya, our family went to my village at batu pahat.there, i met my yayi( atok) and all my aunts and uncles families.they were very happy to meet us cause we just meet only at raya and there is once in a the evening, our family and my uncle family visited to my yanyi's thomb( grandmother).she was passed away five years ago...after two days i at my village, i went back to my home and packed all my things to go back to dungun.although it is only a few days in my hometown but i'm very happy cause can spend my holiday with my family and friends to celebrate raya together...

Monday, July 14, 2008


Assalamualaikum...hi everyone!!!!how are you today?welcome to my name is eza zella.i am new one here.before this i have not any it is new for me.from this, i can share everything about me.for instance,my interesting, my hobbies and what i do i am student in diploma in office management and technology in uitm dungun.this is my first year and so interesting study that's all for now.see u around.